The following thematic sessions have been approved:

Functional plant ecology: the present and future of plant and ecosystem functioning

Pattern and scale in ecology

Process- and systems-based ecosystem service assessments

Remote Sensing and Biodiversity Assessment

Global change and nature conservation

Linking network science to conservation of biodiversity

Vegetation Ecology of Drylands – Insights, perspectives, challenges

Illuminating the black box: causes, consequences, and capture of interactions in soil

Ecology and evolution of asexual organisms

Integrating the effects of variability into ecological models

A social-ecological systems perspective on biodiversity conservation

Land use, biodiversity and ecosystem services

Models and model systems for understanding (meta-) community dynamics

Biogeochemical cycles in a changing environment

No science without coordination: Scientific coordinators and the changing landscape of research funding

Ecological Genetics and Epigenetics in the Omics Era

Climate Change – from Theory to the Field

Movement ecology – a new research path for sustaining biodiversity and ecosystem functions

Forest Ecosystems: How are forest structures linked to specific ecosystem services?

Energiewende in Deutschland: Folgen für die Biodiversität

Testing ecological and socio-economic effects of biodiversity-oriented forest management

Approaches and methods to quantify ecosystem services

Assessing ecosystems –from ecological knowledge to informing policy

Ecological and socioeconomic functions of tropical rainforest transformation systems

Macroecology and macroevolution: investigating diversity in space and time

Citizen Science in Ecology - successful scientific case studies from Europe

Plants and water - mechanisms, fluxes and experiments from the leaf to the ecosystem

Impacts of socioeconomic development dynamics (or global change) on biodiversity and traditional land management – problems and opportunities in multifunctional agrarian landscapes in Asia

Effects of land use changes on functional traits in animal communities and consequences for ecosystem functioning

Supportive data management tools for integrated ecological studies – best practices and smart services

The role of microbes in ecology


Effects of different land use practices on natural resources, biodiversity components and ecosystem services and functions